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Our balconies are tailored to individual needs and requirements of a given project. They are made as solid concrete slabs that do not require impregnation or surface painting. In case of special customer requirements we also make anti-slip structures. There is also a possibility of shaping slopes, bevels and curves.

Balcony slabs can be used as external canopies. For the production of balconies, load-bearing thermal insulation elements are used, which eliminate thermal bridges (no heat loss from the building).

Each precast concrete product is designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of each project.

The use of prefabricated balcony slabs accelerates the construction process in combination with easy assembly and high aesthetic values.

Balcony slabs are manufactured in precise forms offering flexibility in terms of dimensional adjustment.

Prefabricated balcony panels are widely used in residential buildings: individual and multi-family, as well as in industrial and public facilities.

Product features:

  • high resistance to changing external factors
  • high quality and repeatability of the product
  • easy to install
  • limiting the use of props or expensive formwork
  • no need for armament work on the construction site
  • reduction of construction time
  • application to all types of construction, in all sectors