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Staircase elements are manufactured in specially designed hydraulic moulds. Concrete stairs are used in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. In addition, there are various finishing options, e.g. raw concrete, cladding of any style, anti-slip elements.

Available types:

  • straight stairs without plate,
  • straight staircase with upper plate,
  • straight staircase with a lower plate,
  • straight staircase with upper and lower plate,
  • L-shaped staircase,
  • winder staircase.

Each precast concrete product is designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of each project.

The use of prefabricated staircases ensures immediate and safe access to the upper levels during construction combined with easy assembly.

Staircases are manufactured in precision steel moulds offering flexibility in height and running adjustment.

Product features:

  • high fire resistance and excellent soundproofing properties
  • high quality and repeatability of the product
  • no need for support or expensive formwork
  • immediate safe access to the upper floors
  • reduction of construction time
  • application to all types of construction, in all sectors