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Filigree slabs



Filigree slab is an industrially pre-fabricated element which consists of a smooth concrete slab with integrated lattice girders as reinforcement and cross reinforcement. The load-bearing longitudinal reinforcement is installed in the slab element at the factory.

Once the elements have been laid on site, any additional reinforcement layers have been integrated and the concrete has hardened on site, a monolithic floor system is created.

The Filigree slabs is a modern solution most often used in multi-family, office and public buildings, and is also gaining considerable popularity in single-family construction. It is a variety of composite ceiling (combining various materials which, when joined together, form one of the more durable parts of the building).

The main feature of the filigree is the wide range of construction possibilities and large spans. This allows innovative and modern projects to be shaped freely. The ceiling is quickly assembled using a crane. It can be laid on the whole surface or on a selected part.

Maximum production width 3.3m and length 10.5m.

The product features, as well as the rapid assembly of these large-area elements, eliminate costly formwork elements and allow for a significant reduction in construction time, thus shortening the work on site related to reinforcement assembly and formwork work.

The main advantages of using these elements are the economy of the system, aesthetic effect and increased safety on the construction site.

These elements are designed and manufactured in accordance with the specific design requirements and are particularly suitable for heavy duty ceilings. Planning and highly automated production takes place according to strict quality criteria.

Since the production of floor elements is not linked to a modular system, it is possible to use many different geometric and architectural forms and correspondingly different areas of application:

  • Service buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Hotel buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Cellars and underground garages